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About ME

I am a writer,an internet crazy guy and a social media lover.

Motivation is my passion,writing is what I like doing,thinking is what I love doing and dreaming is my hobby and IT/Business Development Management is my career.

I love motivating and inspiring people and I love doing it through writing book,articles,quote and short pieces. I hate people giving up and I will do my best to give a lifting to a weary soul if I see or know one.

I believe everyone of us have got our destiny in our hand,I have got mine and I will try to make good use of that one opportunity given to me by God called LIFE. And I believe everyone should do the same too,that is why I love telling people through my books and writings.

By talking to someone,I can motivate only one person but by writing books,I can leverage technology and reach out to millions if possible. That is why I enjoy been an IT die hard ,I love myself for that.

My dream is seeing millions telling others that they found motivation and inspiration reading a book,quote or article written by Me. When I see that been fulfilled,maybe I find another dream to pursue.

And in all, I never will give up trying. Even if I fail,I try again,knowing fully well that failing is part of winning. Failing is the process,winning is the product…That is what I preach and do. I stop at nothing trying things out knowing that if I fail,I am happy trying than doing nothing and at the same time,I have learn one or more way of how things will never work out – A plus for me for trying!

I currently authored Three Book and they are:

1. Eagle’s Success : How Not To Be A Vulture – The first in the Eagle’s Success Series.

2. Path To Success: The Failure Factor : Why Failing Is The Key To Success


3. Success Stories Of Failures : How They All Win By Failing – The second book in the Eagle’s Success Series

All Three Books available on Amazon Kindle , Amazon Books and Lulu. Also to be available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo much later.


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